Monday, January 7, 2013

Retaining our freedoms is possible, but it’s up to you.

Victory… in Illinois? This time not because of a court decision but because of the tireless efforts of the supporters of self defense. YOU.

On the first Sunday of 2013, after a surprise session of the Judiciary committee who sought to meet with only 24 hours notice, their plans of sneaking in a ban of virtually 50% of semiautomatic rifles and as high as 80% of semiautomatic handguns, not to mention “high capacity” magazines went up in smoke.

You can watch as the Chairwoman admits to the deluge of phone calls, emails and faxes:

Massive gun groups didn’t do that. YOU did that.

Gun rights groups like the NRA are massive behemoths, that if given time, can be very effective. They work on a different level however. Virtually no one person can sound the alarm on a Saturday afternoon, or even with a full days notice at the NRA. Smaller groups like the GOA or SAF, while amazingly powerful, especially at their victories in the courts, move faster but not at the speed of YOU.

Saturday the call went out on social media, like a trumpet blast. The ISRA (Illinois State Rifle Association), one of the first groups to give notice, blasted out to it’s members the news, a surprise session. From there, word spread via facebook and twitter, from person to person, email to email, text message to text message.

YOU stopped that. With barely 24 hours notice. Lobbyists from various gun groups had already gone home. YOU showed up, via phone, email and fax.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the fight for our Freedoms is something we must do ourselves. Each and every one of us. As often as it takes.

The road we have ahead of us could likely be a long one. We need to prepare ourselves and have the stamina to call, even though we have called a dozen times prior. To send that fiftieth fax, the one hundredth email. Every single time an assault on our freedoms and our liberty is on the line.

YOU can make a difference, YOU are the only one who can. I submit now, that if in a state like Illinois we can fight off those who would strip us of our freedoms, we can do it nationwide and without compromise… but not without YOU.

I will be keeping up on pending legislation and the fight for our rights as my priority for the time being, I invite you to join me at as we fight, together, to preserve our remaining Rights.

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