Monday, April 16, 2012

New Colt Bolt Action Rifle: M2012

Colt M2012-CLR
Colt announced a new bolt action rifle at the NRA 2012 show.  The M2012 is a .308 caliber bolt action rifle that is intended for serious long range work.

The specs speak for themselves.

Caliber: .308 Win
Barrel: Floated 22" stainless w/1:10 twist that is fluted
Weight: 13.2lbs
Action:  Cooper receiver mounted to a Colt chassis
Brake: Surefire muzzle brake
Trigger: Timney 3lbs
Grip: Magpul MOE - compatible with any AR grip

Price:  $3799.00

The rifle will go into full production in about 2 months according to the representative.  The rifle was being shown with two different flutes on the barrel, one featured a straight cut flute while the other featured a spiral flute.  Only time will tell if the flutes will be an option or if Colt will only go into production with one type of fluting.

Colt did mention other calibers were being considered such as .223 and .22-250, however nothing has been decided.


  1. Does it look nice? Yes
    Is it .308? Yes
    Can I afford it? Yes
    Is it California legal? Probably not... (yet)

    Now, I haven't done a whole lot of homework and research regarding the M2012 but I honestly believe a Rem 700 with the appropriate modifications and upgrades can perform just as well as the M2012 and still be much cheaper.

    Nevertheless, thanks Tim for another great post. Keep it up!

  2. More recent information says it will be available in a wide range of calibers and also the price will be around $2200. I agree with the above post that beating a Remington 700 will be tough. Even my box-stock .308 Remington is as good as a rifle needs to be! I'm not sure why it would be illegal in California....but then I live in Alaska where I can buy anything I want!