Wednesday, September 26, 2012

National Concealed Carry legislation

It’s time to take national reciprocity to task and make sure we get what we really want.

For decades we’ve heard the drum beats from some over the “need” for a national concealed carry reciprocity law, no matter what. In their blind pursuit for falling at the feet (and sword) of a massive federal bureaucracy, they have been zealous of getting anything, at any cost, without regard to the consequences.

From the debacle known as LEOSA (Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act), where certain pro-carry advocates threw average citizens under the bus by deluding them into thinking it would somehow further their cause to allow off duty and retired LEO’s national carry without requiring the same for everyone. The two class tier of citizens played out exactly as expected. The average gun owner was left out in the cold (and defenseless) for decades. As predicted, once one side got what they wanted, the rest were thrown to the wolves.

Today we have two separate bills pending in the Senate. The same “give me anything” crowd is rushing head long into an even worse debacle. Even if it means placing the States subservient to the federal government, specifically the Attorney General and presumably the BATF, in their Don Quixote like quest for anything they can get.

There is hope, one of the two bills, S.2213 is 180 degrees from previous pieces of ill-gotten legislation. S.2213 leaves full control over how a State issues and sets their concealed carry laws and regulations. It would be up to the individual to make sure they didn’t run afoul of another States law, which may or may not be stricter. This is similar to how things currently work between States with reciprocity agreements already in place and would not allow any meddling federal agencies control over the States.

If there was ever a chance for a nationwide reciprocity that didn’t involve more federal red-tape or encroachments, this is it. It is actually possible for a 2/3 majority in the Senate and House that would trump any potential veto from the President. It is also an election year, time to put some feet to the fire, this could even be attached to other must pass bills as well.

Again it must be stressed that S.2213 is the bill to support. Make that crystal clear! The other bill would give control of States Rights over to a massive federal bureaucracy and give them the power to issue standards and minimums. The other bill must not be allowed to be passed. States such as AZ, VT, AK and others that have Constitutional Carry (no license or permit required) could be forced into national requirements requiring new licensing and registrations.

I urge you to share this information with your friends, family and fellow gun owners. Please contact your Senators, there are already 34 co-sponsors to this bill. Stop a federal power grab and educate those who may be well intentioned, yet misinformed.

You can contact the Capital Hill switchboard at (202)224-3121 and ask for your Representative and Senators offices. Also consider thanking the author of S.2213, Senator John Thune.


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  1. So its ok for the states to tell you you can't carry what it not ok for Congress to tell you so?

  2. No, but a state battle is fairly easily won by comparison to the Federal level. Once a bill is in place we can't just start a petition to put a referendum on the ballot. We have to wait until the next session and then we have to rely on all of the other states to actually vote someone in that will change the law for us. We may not even have any control over the change that needs to happen in the Senate, as the seats may be in another state.

    Further more Josh, the states have rights all their own, and the right to regulate firearms was given to the states. The erosion of the 10th amendment has been a terrible thing. This would be one more undercut to the power of individual states to regulate themselves.

    Bottom line is, we don't want the Federal Government in control of pretty much anything. They don't even follow their own laws.