Thursday, December 20, 2012

Capitalizing on the Carnage

Tweet from Piers Morgan of CNN
I recently published a video that addressed the issue of gun control in the wake of the horrible events at Sandy Hook Elementary school.  In this video I mentioned how it disgusted me that advocates of gun control quickly moved to capitalize on the deaths of children to push their political agendas forward.

A recent CNN article confirms that this is in fact the strategy of anti-gun forces.  Mark Glaze, director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, made the following comments in an interview with CNN.
"Look, when this kind of thing happens, we have to make the case in that very short window -- what went wrong, why it went wrong, how you can fix it -- in a way that motivates Congress to do what it should.  With something as terrible as this is, involving children, the window is open a little wider than it has been before.  I think my back of the envelope is usually about a month.  But after the series of mass shootings and the gravity of this one, I think we may have a little more time."
Anti-gun forces know that they must strike while emotions are high to capitalize on irrational thought driven by these emotions.  They know that once the hysteria subsides and cooler heads prevail, people aren't as willing to surrender their Constitutional freedoms.  This is why you see people like Dianne Feinstein racing to the first camera she can find to promote her most recent gun grab proposal.

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Those were the words of former Obama administration Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, who was alluding to using the nation’s economic crisis to justify huge expansion in the federal government.

It's this desire to quickly capitalize politically on the carnage that has motivated President Obama to tap Joe Biden for creating a proposal in the next 30 days, by January, that outlines what gun control measures he believes can be pushed through Congress.  It's no coincidence that President Obama has chosen such a short window, he too knows that to successfully pull off a gun grab he must act quickly while emotions are high.  It takes 30 days to get a light bulb replaced in the White House due to government inefficiency yet we're going to see a committee formed and a recommendation made in the next 2-4 weeks regarding our Constitutional rights.  I don't find that to be very comforting, do you?

Some criticized my comments that anti-gunners "almost look forward to such events".  Given the comments and subsequent actions of anti-gun forces in the last few days, I'm confident my comments hit the proverbial nail on the head.  They clearly look forward to these events and are set to capitalize on them by executing plans of action they've apparently given considerable thought to.

Write your Congressmen and Senators.  We must act swiftly to prevent our government from passing sweeping anti-gun laws.  Right now they feel they have the numbers on their side to go so far as confiscation of semi-auto rifles and magazines that hold over 10 rounds of ammunition.  We must remind them that if they pass another 1994 style anti-gun law, or worse, that we'll once again vote them out of office just as we did after the Clinton "Assault Weapons Ban".  Act now or forever lose your Constitutional rights.


  1. I had seen where Feinstein had drafted this legislation more than a year ago and sat on it until a suitable tragedy occurred.Washing her hands in the blood of innocents and standing on their backs.

  2. 1.) criminals don't follow rules. weed is illegal, and yet its so easy to get ahold of, so how would making guns illegal stop people from having them.. point 2.) the day that hunting is illegal using a gun is the day you'll realize we no longer have our freedom. (especially considering its a constitutional right).. point 3.) lets say all guns were confiscated and no one owned one (which is by the way impossible but lets just pretend) a murderer's nature is not in his gun. take his gun, he's still a murderer. He'll use a knife, a crowbar, poisons.. and before you know it they will be trying to pass kitchen knife control laws. Guns don't kill people. Murderers do, so why take guns away from everyone? You wouldn't take cars from everyone because idiots drive drunk,and for those who say why need a ar-15 whats the point,why have a porshe,lambo,all this expensive cars that do 180+ mph its a nice thing to have.