Friday, January 13, 2012

New Magpul PMAG announced

New PMAG 30 M3
Have you noticed lots of sales on the current generation of PMAG?  I have, and I've taken advantage of the price cuts to stock up on a considerable number of the popular magazines.  It would seem the sales were the result of Magpul clearing the way for the next generation of magazine.

The new magazine is called the PMAG 30 M3.  The original PMAG had a few issues that users brought to the attention of Magpul.  One of the most pressing issues, which ultimately spawned a separate product line known as the EMAG, was the incompatibility of the PMAG with foreign weapons systems like the SCAR, MR556A1 (416), SA80 and others.

If you're a subscriber to my YouTube channel you may remember a video I posted showing how to modify your PMAG to work with a SCAR 16S so that it wouldn't cause severe damage to the bolt of the rifle.  That was an extreme example of the incompatibility of the PMAG with some rifles designed to use standard STANAG M16/AR15 magazines.  If you're the proud owner of a HK MR556A1 you might have discovered your stash of PMAG's wouldn't seat in the rifles magazine well.

The original PMAG could be over inserted by forcibly slamming the magazine home causing the weapon to malfunction and in some cases making the extraction of the magazine very difficult.

The sides of the original PMAG's floor plates featured a wide ledge that made extraction from a double or triple magazine pouch difficult.

Ranger Plates
All of these issues have been addressed with the new PMAG 30 M3 magazine.  The new magazine is touted as being compatible with most rifles designed to use the M16/AR15 STANAG magazine.  The new magazine also features a new over travel stop to prevent it from being over inserted into the magazine well.  Finally, the new magazine has the ability to use different floor plates to suit your needs including the popular Ranger Plate or a new plate that is narrow for use in double or triple magazine pouches.

The magazine uses the same basic polymer construction with some design improvements to the geometry to improve durability and feeding reliability.  It also features a new paint pen dot matrix on the bottom of the magazine designed to allow the user to mark the magazines for easy identification.

The new magazine isn't on the market yet, it is planned for release in the spring of 2012.  No price has been set at this time.

Stay tuned for an evaluation of the new magazine once they release.


  1. "The original PMAG could be over inserted by forcibly slamming the magazine home causing the weapon to malfunction and in some cases making the extraction of the magazine very difficult."

    Tim, I had this very issue with my new Daniel Defense AR. It shipped with a new PMAG and assuming it was a reliable mag for the DD AR, I purchased 2 more PMAGs before even receiving my rifle.

    As a Marine, when taught to shot M16s, I was always taught to tap (not hard) the base of the mag with my palm to ensure solid insertion.

    I finally realized that the misfeeds I was getting on the DD AR were due to my tapping the mag after inserting. Once it happened so bad, I had to disassemble the mag to remove the rounds, then place both boots against the rifle and firmly pry/wiggle the magazine free. It would also misfeed if resting the gun on the magazine when firing, even if just lightly resting it.

    I am seriously considering switching to Troy Industry mags. Have heard good things about them.

  2. The M3 PMag already has a hard, over-insertion stop at the front of the magazine. This acts exactly like any other over-insertion stop when the PMag is used on a Colt M4 lower (or one built to it's specs).

    The over-insertion referenced is primarily when using the euro version of the PMag (called the EMag) in Colt style M4s. The SA80 and HK have a longer front magazine well which meant the font of the magazine had to be increased for this application.

    The M3 combines the compatibility of both the PMag and EMag into a single magazine that for cross weapon platforms such as the USMC with the Colt M4 and the IAR (HK 416 based) both being fielded.