Thursday, January 12, 2012

US PALM annouces new Quad Stack 7.62x39 AK Mag

US PALM Facebook post
US PALM posted on their Facebook page this week that they will be unveiling a new quad stack AK magazine made from polymer for the 7.62x39 cartridge.  The quad stack magazine is 1/8th of an inch shorter than the US PALM AK 30 magazine.  US PALM is pricing the new magazine at $99.95 which falls in line with the pricing of the new Surefire MAG-60 quad stack magazine for the AR15/M16.  The new magazine will be shown at SHOT Show 2012.

Russian 60 round 5.45x39 mag
A polymer extended capacity magazine for the AK isn't a new concept, the Russians have a similar magazine available for the AK-74.  The Russian magazine is designed to work with 5.45x39 rounds and holds 60 rounds.  US PALM is rocking the boat a bit by putting their twist on the Russian concept and designing it to work with the 7.62x39 cartridge.  The US PALM magazine will hold 45 rounds.

I hope these work well and sell well so that perhaps US PALM considers making a polymer 60 round 5.45x39 quad stack mag.  The Russian magazines are nearly impossible to get, only a few exist in the US and I suspect these came in through gray market channels.

I will be visiting the US PALM booth at SHOT Show and hopefully getting some pictures and video of this new product.

Stay tuned for our SHOT Show 2012 coverage starting next week!


  1. I can't wait to pay $100 for an extra 15 rounds!!!

    ... only, you know, not.

  2. this is retarded.
    A regular RPK-47 mag holds 40rds and is $20.
    So an extra $70 for an extra 5rds on an untested, unproven mag?
    What the hell is US palm thinking?

  3. I bet it will sell... I want one at $99. I'd want 10 at $49.