Monday, March 11, 2013

Rights... are you carrying yours?

We've probably all heard the term "carrying your own water", but have you actually stopped and considered what it means?

Everyone likes to claim they have Rights, most people at least. Do they actually have them? Like the first quote, I'm sure most of you have also heard this one: "You only have those Rights which you are willing to defend, with force if necessary."

In the fight for our Rights, our Freedom and our Liberty, are you actually carrying 'your own water'? Or are you relying on the tireless efforts of a small minority to do such simple and menial tasks as writing a letter or making a phone call?

When the February 8th rally came, for example, did you try your best to get off of work? Did you say it was 'too cold'? Did you say "maybe the next one"? How much would it have actually cost you to show up for those two hours?

Many say they will fight for their Rights. I'm not so sure. In Indianapolis, one of the nation wide rallies was held on the same day as the famous Indy 500 gun show. Thousands packed the show. Hundreds waited 3+ hours in the cold... just to get inside.

Just a few miles away, perhaps a 10 minute drive if you made all the lights, 1,000 Patriots stood outside. Not for the privilege of getting peruse generally overpriced merchandise being sold to panic buyers, they stood outside for one reason- To DEMAND their Rights not be ignored.

To be fair, I'm sure not everyone at that show knew about the rally. However many did... in fact, virtually every vendor there had been notified and asked to put a flier on their table, informing people of the nation wide rally that Saturday.

It's ironic that in NY 5,000 people turned out at their State Capital as opposed to 1,000 in Indiana.. especially when attendance at the show, less than 10 minutes away, exceeded 5,000.

Freedom isn't free. It's become a cheap catch phrase in the US and inside these borders, not many want to pay the cost of a tank of gasoline for theirs. Freedom is being lost at an alarming rate in America and it's because the vast majority aren't willing to pay anything to keep it. People say they will fight, but when they won't even give up 2 hours of their time now, do we really expect them to put their lives on the line later, if need be?

Will you carry your water? Going forward we must work together, every single one us must work, relentless, to defend their Rights. If you won't do it yourself, how can you expect others to do it for you?

I never point out a problem without offering solutions. One of those is to make sure you are informed and have the information to inform your friends, family and coworkers. Yes, your coworkers too. You don't have to beat them over the head with it, but if you don't occasionally tell them, who will?

Speaking of beating people up, do you know a fellow gun owner how is letting you carry their water? Call them out on it. Make sure you let them know how deplorable, selfish and cowardly their inaction is.

Stay connected with us as we fight, together, for Freedom and Liberty.

In Liberty,
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  1. I write one letter a week to the President and my state reps. i also went to the Feb 8th rally in Columbus, Ohio. me and my friend went down to support our second amendment. the local news channel was there and did a pretty good job of covering the story with out making us look a bunch of crazy rednecks with guns. i say there were about 120 people there around the capitol building. its funny how the main stream media didnt cover our efforts. my parents were furious when i told them i wanted to go but hey im 24 i can do what i want. Thanks MAC for all that you do to support our rights as Americans! keep up the good work and i will continue to follow your posts.

    Patrick T
    (It is better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6)

  2. I made it to the Feb. 8th rally, and another one this past Saturday, as well as one in Bloomington. I've been ashamed at the horrendously low turn out at these events! The rally on the 8th had I would estimate maybe 700 people, not bad, but when I belong to an IN based forum for IN gun owners that has over 28,000 members, it is shameful! I would like to say that I for one will fight for my rights; on the soapbox, the ballot box, and if need be with the ammo box!

    We all need to Stand Strong and Hold the Line!