Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Under attack: Sheriffs that support our rights

Sheriff Maketa
From coast to coast sheriffs are coming under attack for simply following the Constitution. The sheriff is the highest law enforcement official in a county. Period. Higher than the state police and higher than any federal agent from any federal agency. As an elected official they are our last line of defense against a tyrannical government.

In Colorado, Sheriffs who are vocal about honoring their Oaths to the Constitution are being threatened... by legislators.

Sheriff Terry Maketa, of El Paso County, has received a message from the Sheriffs Association of Colorado threatening that the democrat leadership in the Colorado house may alter the pay of sheriffs if they vocally speak out about gun control.

Sheriff Maketa said "it borders on extortion", "blackmail" and "attempting to influence a public official". It is absolutely outrageous to think that something like this could happen in America, it is blatant corruption. Sheriff Maketa summed it up this way "You will obey or you will pay".

You can read the email exchange here:

I would suggest that if sheriffs salaries are adversely affected, residents of counties in Colorado make up that difference out of their own pockets. Sheriffs who uphold their Oaths MUST BE SUPPORTED.

I urge each of you to reach out to your local sheriff, no matter where you live, and let them know you expect them to honor their Oaths. You should also make sure you tell them you will support them, one hundred percent and in any way, when they honor their Oath.

In Liberty,
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  1. What do the legislators propose to do with that extra money they are going to take from them?

  2. I would support the sheriffs in Colorado if they went and arrested the politicians making these threats and charged them with extortion, blackmail, and attempting to influence a public official. Just because they're politicians doesn't mean they above the law. Arrest them and let them deffend their actions in a court of law in front of a jury.

  3. Sheriffs ,do YOUR duty Sir . If I tried to threaten you into doing something I would be arrested,right?
    SO, Go ARREST THOSE that are TRYING to threaten you."it borders on extortion", "blackmail" and "attempting to influence a public official". It is absolutely outrageous, CUFF'EM & STUFF'EM!!!

  4. I am lucky to have Dale Schmidt of Washington County WI as my Sheriff, and David Clarke right next door. Good guys!

  5. I thought the county paid the sheriffs salary?

  6. Why are they messing with the Sheriff's who are LITERALLY doing what they swore to do.... Oh yea, because the official's have sold out and really don't care about our great constitution that freed us from an oppressive English Government, but nowadays, it still seem's the legislature doesn't listen to us, the majority of the U.S.A. doesn't trust or support our government, time for them to LISTEN OR BE VOTED OUT! State and national! Thank's for the new's update MAC!

  7. i think they would have to wait for the politician to enter their county to arrest them... could be wrong i am not that familiar with the laws.

  8. Not just that but being in the military also like i am. I swore the same oath. Maybe a little different but i swore to protect the constitution both foreign and domestic. Now that the government started this whole gun ban shit they say that all soldiers have PTSD and should not own a weapon. I'm truly fed up with the people in the country who wont stand up to help. I fight everyday for freedom and they just let the government take it away from us day by day!

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